The RenderTribe Tribe

Meet the hardworking individuals that make RenderTribe tick.

Our Tribe

Peter Dean


Our fearless founder Peter is an avid tri-athlete, Ironman, business consultant, lecturer, and serial entrepreneur, with a knack for building successful internet lead generation programs to drive fiscal results. When not working? He’s either watching his kids at golf or LAX – or perhaps California (wine country) dreamin’.

Julia Yavin

Director of Consulting Services

Julia lives at the intersection of strategy & creativity – ensuring that our clients are set up for success. When she’s not generating results, you can find her enjoying a rye whiskey while singing along to her favorite bands.

Carey Fairlie

Director of Services

When she isn’t overseeing projects or digging into data, Carey enjoys hiking in the Adirondacks, cheering on the Red Sox and escaping with her family to Cape Cod.

Paul Chamberlain

Director of Sales

Paul always starts his day with iced coffees & Spotify, and from sales meetings to the golf course, has a hat for every occasion.

Alicia Seager

Vice President, People Operations

Alicia lives and breathes people and culture and spends her days making RenderTribe a great place to work for the RT team. When she's not working you'll find her cooking and baking for her family or laughing it up with her friends.

Traci Jersen

Senior Director of Content

To blog or not to blog? When she isn’t researching or writing for RenderTribe clients, Traci enjoys reading literature, gardening or boating and floating on Lake George.

Samuel Ash

Senior Marketing & Tech Stack Consultant

A born problem solver (and firefighter, and dirt bike racer, and Renaissance man...), Sam helps clients navigate the challenges of aligning tech stacks with sales and marketing goals to produce revenue.

dennis avatar

Dennis McCarson

Marketing Consultant

As a marketing consultant Dennis brings diverse experience that began with stand up comedy and led all the way to freelance marketing. When he is not helping clients, he is probably collecting vinyl records, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or visiting museums with his wife.


Dan Fandl

Revenue Operations Consultant

Our certified Salesforce Administrator has serious skills. He also enjoys attending live music events, hiking / camping, and traveling wherever his wanderlust and paychecks will take him.

Mike Page

Senior Services Manager

Mike is our Resident RT SEO Superstar, a digital marketing professional living in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont with his lovely wife and six-month-old son. (He also has a motorcycle and is always super happy to drive from VT to Saratoga – keep your eyes out for him).

Tyler Howard

Senior Paid Consultant

Tyler is not only into all things digital marketing and everything paid search related, he also enjoys Golf, Football, and Lacrosse. Some weekends he caddies at the Ocean Course where the 2021 PGA Championship was held. Fore!

Dan Houtz

Marketing Consultant

Dan loves developing RT strategy, cooking all different styles of cuisine, strumming his guitar, and playing / watching every sport. Oh – and ask Dan about his endless amount of "useful" knowledge.

Hannah Hurley

Senior Marketing Analyst

Hannah is our email marketing and automation specialist. When not at work, Hannah is either working out, consuming copious amounts of caffeine, or spending time with her perfect pets binging bad reality TV.

Nick Pepe

Marketing Analyst

A keyword research king, Nick has a knack for discovering what works. When not digging through the data Nick likes cheering on the Giants, watersports and reliving his glory days as a lacrosse champion at Siena College.

Regina Linder

Sales Analyst

When it comes to inside sales duties, Regina reigns supreme. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and family, trying new places to eat, and baking (lucky us)!

Will Fredericks

Marketing Data Analyst

Data Whiz Will not only loves digging deep into data, he also plays basketball at RPI, loves to workout and enjoys spending time with friends outdoors.

Simon Santos

Sales Development Rep

Simon “Mr. Siena” the spectacular SDR, excels at sales development for RT clients. In addition to his status as a star Groundhog Trapper, he also loves our old creaky elevator…

Jack Manning

Sales Development Rep

When Jack isn't prospecting wonderful clients, he loves to play golf and take his dad's money on the course!

Sarah Thomas


Sarah grows us by managing all things HR and billing and sustains our unique culture. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family and relaxing in Florida.