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Changes to Gmail Tabs and Ads

By April 23, 2014August 30th, 2021No Comments

Last summer, Google rolled out the new “Tabs” view for both desktop and mobile versions of Gmail, allowing users to better separate and categorize their inbox which, in turn, improves organizational skills. But if you know anything about Google, you understand that their Silicon Valley developers are never complacent; it was only a matter of time before they began testing new layouts and styles for your inbox.

New Promotions Tab in Gmail

The Gmail “promotions” tab is currently undergoing tests to determine whether a more visual “Pinterest-style” view leads to better open and click-through rates for businesses. This may greatly affect your company’s email marketing return on investment (ROI) if you don’t change your strategy to better accommodate this update. Strategy changes could include adjusting the size of the pictures within the email to be seen more clearly or attaching a second picture that looks better when seen from a smaller view, among other options. An example of the new view can be seen in the screenshot to the right or here. You can also sign up here for the field trial of the Gmail Promotions tab.


Another change already implemented throughout Gmail is the new type of advertisement that is similar to a normal email. After clicking on it, the ad will open into an email-like graphic with additional information and multiple calls-to-action, all right there in your inbox! Google then gives you the options to click the ad to open the company’s landing page, save the advertisement as an email, or even forward the ad to a potentially-interested friend or colleague. An example of this type of ad can be seen below. This is an interesting way to increase engagement in advertisement and helps incorporate a social sharing aspect to the ad-hosting revenue model. If you believe your company could benefit from using this type of advertisement, please feel free to contact us at the form on the right or our contact us page.

Advertisement Screenshot in Gmail

Also of interest, Google displays on the side of the page and beneath the ad you clicked on, “It’s a new type of ad which you can forward to a friend, or star to save it to your inbox. If you dismiss this ad, you won’t see it again.”


Sure, you may not see this particular ad again… but you best believe that Google will continue to show you other similar advertisements!



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