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Why Top Marketing Executives are Feeling Optimistic

By November 8, 2013August 30th, 2021No Comments

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With the continued expansion of potential digital channel opportunities, businesses are finding new ways to build connections with potential customers and/or clients. This is leading to additional shifts in budgets to digital channels. A recent study by Forbes Insights and Gyro1 confirms this trend; over 88% of the 875 U.S. top marketing executives surveyed replied they were maintaining or increasing their ad budgets. In addition, 45% feel more secure about their specific industries’ marketing conditions and another 46% feel just as positive about the future as they do the present conditions. Another great point made by the study, around 36% of respondents expect to increase their marketing team, while another 54 percent intend to stick to their current numbers. That means only 10% plan to cut their employees, a whopping 90 percent plan to stick with or increase their current staff. In conclusion, if you aren’t increasing your marketing budget or adding to your team, you are likely falling behind your competition.


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