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Why No One Reads Your Facebook Posts

By October 6, 2012September 7th, 2021No Comments

Someone told you that if you wanted to succeed, you needed a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile, and a BranchOut app. So, naturally, you signed up for all of these social media channels, but for some reason success didn’t just come tagging right along. Your sales haven’t gone up, your leads haven’t improved, and now you find yourself stuck to the computer too often, but for seemingly no reason.

Unfortunately, this is the scenario many business owners find themselves in.  Attempting to keep with the time and follow through on the witty advice of others whose success we envy, we go out and sign up for all the latest and greatest, and then wonder why everything else doesn’t just fall into place. The reason is that social media is merely a facilitator. Alone, it does not drive leads or generate business.

So rather than wistfully regarding it as an effortless silver bullet, we’ve got to readjust our thinking and face the reality: social media success requires work. In order to get likes, followers, and connections, we’ve got to be relevant, timely, and useful. In other words, if we’re not talking about stuff that interests people, social media can’t magically bring us business.

However, organizations that pepper their social media with unique content, such as discounts, fun event information, stimulating blogs, and eye-catching photos, are a lot more likely to generate buzz. And when people are talking about you, they’re more likely to buy into your service or product.

But, remember, it’s not enough to just update your feeds with this information haphazardly. You’ve got to become a real friend to your clients – give them information on a regular basis, at two or three times a week. Listen to the feedback that they provide and respond appropriately. If your social media runs dry, you’re going to find that your well of prospective clients does too.

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