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In our last blog post, which you can read here, we talked about what trends may be very popular and important this year. So, today we’re diving a bit deeper into this topic as we talk about four strategies you can employ to improve your online marketing efforts.

Additionally, the focus of this post is to emphasize that traditional marketing just won’t work in this day and age. Customers have evolved, as have channels. Therefore, strategies need to evolve as well. So, let’s get into it!

In the last few years, the way that people consume online content has significantly changed. A study conducted by GlobalWebIndex revealed that we are spending, on average, over two hours on social media a day. Connecting online is easier than ever before thanks to mobile devices that allow us to hop on the Internet, social media, and so on whenever we’d like. With so much time being spent online, don’t you think it’d be wise to invest in some online marketing tactics that will help you stand out? If you said yes, you’re right! Here’s how!

Voice search. In our last blog post, we shared that voice-based sales have reached $1.8 billion and by 2022, that number is expected to grow to $40 billion. That’s a whole lot of money, so you definitely don’t want to fall behind here. The truth is, consumers are using voice assistants for simple searches, and the sooner you start optimizing for voice search, the better off your business will be! Even if your business is on the smaller side, it’s still important to consider how voice search could positively impact your online marketing strategy. One easy place to start – make sure your website is up-to-date with easy to read content that a voice assistant can pick up on.

Vertical video. Do you ever find yourself getting annoyed by having to turn your phone back and forth from landscape to vertical to watch videos, read content, and so on? Us too, which is why making use of vertical video can be extremely beneficial. We already all know that video is becoming an important part of marketing and advertising – but now is the time to be creating and sharing content that can be consumed vertically. Take a look at Instagram and Snapchat stories, and even Instagram TV now – it’s only a matter of time before everyone will be playing catch up with these platforms.

Review social media. While you may have figured out what works for your social media channels now, this does not mean the same approach will work a few months from now. Review what you’re currently doing and see if there is room to make some changes. In doing so, you’ll keep your audience engaged and interested in your business. Think it’s too difficult to do so? As one site says, “While many small businesses have been hesitant to invest in ad spend on social networks, taking advantage of advertising opportunities via these avenues can make all the difference.”

Chatbots. Customer service is key, and these little automated tools that can be implemented on any website are a surefire way to keep your customers happy. Not only that, but they can also help your customers through the sales cycle – so it’s a win win!

Online marketing can be tricky, but staying on top of new and hot trends is half the battle. While these are only a few online marketing strategies, they could make all the difference. Consider each of them and then pick one or two to start implementing into your strategy this year. At the end of the day, if you figure out how your audience is consuming online content, you’ll set yourself up for a successful 2019.

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