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Here’s the story…you built that awesome email, gathered your sender list, and even included a helpful infographic. The problem? You clicked ‘send’ at the wrong time, and that perfect email you spent so long on ended up in the Trash. Cue the eye roll.

So how can you try to eliminate being trashed? recently shared a few quick tips to help you figure out when the best time and day is to send your email – we’ve narrowed them down for you here.


  1. Know your audience. This may seem obvious, but depending on who you’re sending your email to will determine if it’s opened and more importantly, read. For your entrepreneurs and workaholics, Saturdays are actually the best. Meanwhile, for everyone else, B2B emails are more likely to be opened on a Tuesday or Thursday.


  1. Rise and shine! Today, in our digital world, we are prone to checking our phones and emails first thing in the morning. With that being said, the likelihood of your email being opened is higher if it’s in their inbox before they wake up (or hit the snooze) in the morning.


  1. Be an early bird or night owl in order to get a reply. If you’re hoping to hear back from your email recipients, it is recommended that you schedule your email for first thing in the morning or later in the evening. Using this method, it’ll be difficult for them to miss your message and you’ll be top of mind for replies.


Since email marketing varies from business to business, it is important to remember that these tips are based on the findings of a number of different studies. However, you can use them as an initial jumping off point and then adjust accordingly. Happy emailing!

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