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Taking Back Ownership in the Digital Era

By September 30, 2014August 30th, 2021No Comments

Do you hold the position of CEO or are chief officer of a department at your company? Did you know that marketing yourself and your business is more important than ever?

The beginning of the digital era marked the start of businesses being able to better track, target and segment both current and potential customers into categories to better understand the buying process. This knowledge allows businesses to intelligently guide potential customers through their sales funnel in an effort to increase their lead to conversion rate. But what happens when you forget to listen (and/or respond) to what your customers are saying?


Today’s digital world has left many companies with an unclear brand vision which, in turn, can damage their online reputation. This happens in a variety of ways, but is most often seen through unanswered customer comments on social media channels, especially questions and complaints (which are often negative).

Managing and interacting with your fans and followers on the major social media channels has grown to be one of the most important marketing strategies in order to remain relevant and top-of-mind with your potential customers/clients. Today’s savvy customers can see right through a poor social media strategy and will be left wondering, along with being left with a bad taste in their mouth, what do they have to hide?

“A successful integrated strategy has one major prerequisite: a clear brand idea… Brand leading agencies need to show they have what it takes to manage integrated brand operations across many disciplines. It’s about having the right talent, processes, technology and culture to actually do that.”Recent article on

Is responding to online consumer reviews a priority at your organization? Are you fully aware of what customers are saying and where they’re posting (4Square, Yelp and Google reviews, social media, etc.)?


For more insight, check out the worst way to deal with poor digital reviews (the article also has a great list of proper responses).

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