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We’ve talked about social media before and this surely won’t be the last time we talk about it – truth is, it’s not going anywhere. Nearly 40% of the world’s population are active users on various social media platforms, and this number is likely to grow more and more in the coming years. You see, just like how the television transformed how companies reached and communicated with customers in the 20th century, social media doing the same thing now in the 21st century.

It’s no secret that social media is going to get bigger and continue to evolve – because of this, your social media strategy needs to evolve and adapt as well. So, we’ve included four tips below on how to effectively do so.

Blogging and content marketing are your best friend. At this point, we probably sound like a broken record talking about content marketing. But we cannot emphasize enough how important it is and how easy it is to incorporate into your social media strategy. Content marketing should be about educating your customers first – the sale will follow if you are helpful and informative. The truth is, consumers are hit with ads Do you think another ad, yours, is really going to stand out? Unlikely. So, take a different approach and start writing – not only will your customers learn more as a result, but you’ll be able to better position your brand as a genuine, authentic, and trustworthy.

Reviews and complaints matter. Did you know that 84% of customers trust online reviews? That’s a lot of people, which means it is pretty important to ask customers to share their experience with your company online and if you run into complaints, you should immediately address them.

Forgot only focusing on Facebook. There are other platforms in this ballgame that can be just as beneficial when it comes to social media. For example, LinkedIn has over 260 million daily users and is ideal for B2B marketing. Meanwhile, Instagram is useful in building brand awareness, showing your company’s quirky and fun side, and when you want to work with influencers. Lastly, Twitter can be helpful when it comes to quickly respond to customers comments and complaints.

Data – have we ever mentioned how important it is? Of course, we have – are you kidding? Long story short, though, data is more important than ever today. It is the secret to growth. It is the difference between winners and losers. It is key in your strategic social media and marketing approach.

Keeping these tips in mind will help make you and your company a social media winner. And if you need some help getting started, we’re happy to assist you. At RenderTribe, our RenderLab process helps you identify the unique pieces that fit in your overall marketing strategy and align your plan with overall business objectives. We help build the foundation for measurement, expertise, and the tactical execution to help you grow strategically and drive revenue. Contact us today to see how we can help you grow.

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