Virtual Sales Support for B2B & SaaS

Virtual BDR / SDR Program

Need a more personalized outbound sales experience to target prospects? Need sales support for your existing ABM campaign? The RenderTribe Virtual BDR / SDR works on behalf of your salesperson or account executive, in correlation with a targeted ABM campaign or within target accounts. This allows your salesperson to scale outbound activities, without putting in the hours and effort required to reach out personally. The program goal is to execute targeted outbound techniques using email and LinkedIn outreach (LinkedIn Sales Navigator) to activate a prospect into a conversation or a discovery call.

We can help with:

  • Creating a scalable outbound process
  • Produce the same or more results with less cost than hiring your own BDR/SDR
  • Team approach bringing expertise for less than the cost of one BDR/SDR
  • Experts in Salesforce and CRM management to help make sure all activity and data is correctly entered into the CRM
  • Messaging and positioning expertise to help craft your message and adjust it to find the right mix of personalization and content to gain access to your personas
  • Customized process based on ideal customer profile segments and different personas
Personalization Equals Success

ABM Coordinated Sales Execution

The Virtual BDR / SDR Program scales the heavy lift and arduous tasks that go along with outbound sales prospecting. Whether it is a lead that fills out a form or an account-based target, RenderTribe's Virtual BDR / SDR Program takes the load off the sales rep and provides them with only positive responses that your team would rather control.

We have found through years of measuring and consulting on these campaigns that personalization is the key to success. Taking the time to do research on the company and target personas helps separate your reps' email from all the other automated outreach messages. Our process builds into each outreach cycle time to understand the prospect and personalize the outreach relevant to your company's unique value proposition. This is the difference in response rates of 5-12% and those of impersonal canned emails.

In today's Account-Based Marketing environment, achieving results requires tight coordination between marketing and sales outbound tactics. With the Virtual BDR / SDR program, you can dial in your sales outreach and help coordinate it with the marketing campaigns delivering the highest possible results for your market.

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