Digital Paid Strategy for B2B & SaaS

Meet your customers where they live.

When your services or product are in demand, the key to getting a customer’s attention is by getting in front of them where they live online. From LinkedIn to Facebook to Google, paid SEM can return great results when implemented and managed properly. Our Paid Analytics and Strategists are available to do the hard work for you, by using data and trends to adjust and maintain a healthy PPC strategy.

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Sophisticated SEM Implemenation

Highly targeted, effectively managed.

Organic efforts like SEO support and amplify your sales and marketing efforts across all platforms. By providing insight into competitors and data on your customer’s true search intent, you can make sure your messaging is consistent and clear no matter where they are in the process.

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SEM & PPC Services

SEM & PPC Strategy

By building a strong SEM and PPC strategy that targets your ideal customer profile, you can achieve a strong paid ROI. Our experienced analysts are here to learn what works for you, not just what 'best practices' dictate.

Paid Channel Management

If you're looking for someone to be the curator of your digital paid efforts, we're here for you. Our B2B and SaaS experience gives our team a unique insight into what works and how to effectively manage paid digital marketing in real-time.

SEM & PPC Reporting 

With regular analysis and reporting our team is here to show you the way. Unlike other agencies, when you work with RenderTribe you will receive full transparency and have complete control over your data.

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