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An Intern’s Perspective: SEO Marketing and it’s Relevance

By June 11, 2012September 7th, 2021No Comments

Having obtained a business degree from a technological college just last year, I was surprised at how little I’ve learned about SEO marketing before starting an internship with RenderTribe. A few of my classes at best scratched the surface of what SEO marketing was, threw it on a quiz and called it a day. Only now, after being engulfed in an SEO atmosphere for a little over a month, do I understand the importance and value that the slice of SEO actually is, in relation to the whole business pie.

As I delve deeper into the SEO world, I am learning quite a bit daily; one thing in particular that I have found interesting is that when even the littlest piece of information is linked back for reinforcement, it makes a much greater effect on that listings significance.

We are currently working with a range of companies that have anywhere from one location to as many as 300. While they each have their own unique goals to achieve and obstacles to overcome, I am seeing that they are all alike in the respect that even the slightest familiarity with services such as Google Places and Analytics can help drive their relevancy during a search. Also, having reinforcing information in other citation websites can improve a listings’ ranking dramatically. This in turn plays a tremendous role in generating consumer awareness and ultimately, the generation of profit. That being said, lacking any type of SEO marketing may be holding your company back from its true potential, since the importance of this practice seems to only be growing.

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