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No Such Thing as SEO Magic Pixy Dust

By June 7, 2012September 7th, 2021No Comments

OK, so I am a little annoyed by the number of “SEO” companies that say they are a marketing firm.  The reason I am so pissed off is that they are doing absolutely no marketing at all. All they are doing is trying to fool Google into thinking they are the right answer for someone’s question. This is not marketing. When you call yourselves marketers you give all companies in the real digital marketing space a bad name. Let me give you an example of the crap that they are doing.

Example:  Create a blog for the purpose of putting “fake” or useless content on it and linking back to your site to build links.

This is what Google calls spammy links and they are actively working in the Panda and Penguin updates to eliminate this crap. Why are they getting rid of this crap?  It is very simple. This content has no value and means nothing.  It’s sole purpose is to build links back into the site.  Here is a clue to the “Marketing SEO Company” THIS IS NOT MARKETING, THIS HAS NO VALUE! Maybe, just maybe it will work for a very short period of time, but long term this is worth nothing. (Yes, I was breaking one of my own rules. I was yelling in text on the page.  Feel the pissed off me.)

What has value is good marketing, real marketing. Let me suggest something that will take about the same time and effort to do but have longer effect.  How about creating some very useful, amazing content.  Something that your marketplace will really use or consume.  How about reaching out to influential members of the community to share this content in a meaningful way.  How many links will be built to your site now?  How much traffic will actually come to your site as a result of this?

One last point in my rant:  You have two choices.

  1. You can spend your money on SEO activities that are always being devalued by the next Google update and keep spinning your wheels
  2. You can spend your money on SEO activities that are real marketing and build a foundation that builds on itself and has lasting effects.

My answer will always be:  Pick #2.

In summary,  if you are looking for a digital marketing firm, select one.  Do not select a firm that is just an SEO firm.   SEO and marketing are not mutually elusive.  There is no magic pixy dust.

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