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Measuring Marketing ROI With The Right Perspective

By August 27, 2014August 30th, 2021No Comments

Measuring Marketing ROIMarketing today, especially  for growth stage companies, is very important. When we are trying to find and build out effective channels we need solid feedback to help us calibrate and adjust our efforts to deliver the results we are looking for.

Leveraging the power of today’s data and measuring marketing output is important but as Daniel Kehrer points out in this Forbes article it is important to make sure you are measuring the right thing. As many of you know if you follow our perspective, we are all about adjusting marketing efforts and budgets based on solid data analysis and marketing experience. We have seen over the years that ROI can be a slippery slope. Marketing is a long term investment and a way of building a strong foundation for your brand as well as a healthy lead flow. Marketing output measurement is a great tool but must be used and leveraged in the right way.


Daniel Keyrer’s article in Forbes makes some great points:  Why ROI Is Often Wrong For Measuring Marketing Impact


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