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Trust – it’s one of the most valuable aspects of a relationship that is difficult to build…yet so easy to lose. And surprisingly, this remains true for businesses too! PwC’s 2018 Global Consumer Insights Survey revealed that “more than one in three customers ranked ‘trust in brand’ as among their top three reasons that influence their decision to shop at a particular shop, other than price.” On top of that, trust is a huge aspect in “how consumers evaluate online security risks.” Taking both of these points into consideration, you’re probably realizing just how important it is to show consumers that they can trust you. The question, though, is how?

Well, we’re glad you asked! Today we’re sharing a few marketing tactics on how to build trust with your customers that will help them to see your company and brand as human, and therefore allow for meaningful, long-lasting relationships to be built.

Have fun with your words. And when we say this, we mean be funny! It’s one of the easiest ways to connect with customers – everybody loves a good laugh (and if you don’t, we’re only mildly concerned over here…). In fact, laughter causes an endorphin release in the brain (hello happier mood) and research has shown that it helps to establish stronger connections. Bingo! So, have fun with your content. Be cheeky. Maybe even share a meme or two every now and then (everyone loves memes – we’re serious on this one). The goal here, though, is to show your customers that the content you create and language that you use is actually human and not just focused on selling a product or service.

Pick a star! No, not one in the sky…we mean a team member! Put them in the spotlight and show ‘em off. Not only is it a win on the employee side, but also the consumer side. Why? Again, because you’re showing off your human side. Consider taking photos of your team members and sharing little bios about them on your website, and then when it comes time to pick an employee of the month, write a blurb about why they’re so great. In the end, this tactic is wonderful because it shows off your “behind the scenes” team members.

Share your customers. Not with other companies, of course, but with your own! Yes, reshare your customer’s content if applicable. This allows customers to truly get a sense of people using your product or service in real-life. As one website says, “First, it’s exciting and flattering to the user who gets his or her photo featured on your website or social media feed. Second, it shows other consumers that you have great relationships with their peers and that those people already enjoy your products.”

Be real. And share real stories. It’s one thing to talk about how great your company is. It’s another thing to share hardships, failures, and lessons – all that stuff that is tough to talk about. While it’s not easy, research has shown that sharing stories like these not only position your company as being more authentic and genuine, but they also act as “social glue.” It encourages a level of togetherness. So, “tell your target audience members stories that they can relate to…You could even share stories of your customers who previously struggled but then achieved success with help from your company/product.”

Gratitude goes a long way. Everyone likes to feel appreciated sometimes, right? Right!!! This includes your customers. Show them that you care about them, appreciate them, and are grateful for their business. It doesn’t have to be a huge to-do (we understand that it can get expensive doing this), but a little swag or a thoughtful message goes a long way.

With these tips, you can count on building a more genuine customer connections and a greater amount of trust, which in turn will result in more meaningful long-lasting relationships. This is huge for companies since it costs more to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. So, think wisely friends and remember to be human!

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