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ListenLoop Account-Based Marketing: A Marketers Overview 


ListenLoop is one of, if not the most important tool in an ABM Strategists toolbox. If you’re a bit behind on what exactly ABM is, and why you should absolutely be looking into it, never fear! Find out more here. 

Back to ListenLoop however, all of the ABM strategy and positioning in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t have a tool to execute on that strategy. For us here at RenderTribe, ListenLoop is often the tool we recommend for this particular job; especially if you’re on a tight budget. 

ListenLoop offers three primary features helpful for ABM strategy: Ad Retargeting (sometimes known as Remarketing), Web Personalization, and ABM Ad Delivery. While the first two are extremely useful, today we’ll be concentrating on the primary feature of ListenLoop, ABM Ad Delivery.  

ListenLoops ABM Ad Delivery campaign system is both ABM beginner friendly and extremely flexible. Anyone who has built digital advertising campaigns will quickly acclimate to the short ListenLoop learning curve and be on their way to ABM success in no time.  

Part of its accessibility comes from its host of features that any digital marketer will instantly recognize. Many display ad specs are the usual industry standard, for example. Not to mention that the campaign builder is easy to look at and makes sure to explain itself fairly well. You don’t have to be an ABM expert to get started with ListenLoop.  

Where ListenLoop (and most ABM Ad Delivery platforms) differs from your run-of-the-mill display advertising is in its ABM capabilities. Instead of targeting wide demographics, ListenLoop ABM allows for a more granular targeting approach required for successful ABM. Not only can you target specific accounts, which is at the heart of any ABM Strategy, but you can also target specific departments in those accounts all the way down to the job title and seniority level. As an added bonus ListenLoop supports ad cadences, allowing you to show ads in a specific order. 

One feature of the ListenLoop ABM Ads system that is great for first-time ABM strategists is the Personalized Ad Pre-Roll. We highly recommend this option, especially for your first attempts at using ListenLoop. What this means is that whenever your ad is shown across the web, the viewer will first see a graphic depicting both their logo and your logo next to each other to grab their attention. After a few seconds this “pre-roll” ad will fade, showing your full creative. In the best-case scenario, seeing their logo next to yours will grab their attention and they’ll click on the ad after it. For a demo of this in action, check out the ListenLoop website.  

This is only skimming the surface of what ListenLoop is capable of. As mentioned, the platform allows for customized webpages. Combining targeted ABM Ads on the ListenLoop platform with a webpage with account specific wording and content which allows for a delightfully bespoke funnel experience for your target accounts. But if you don’t want to jump in that deep that’s okay! Just getting ListenLoop ads up and running is a huge first step in the right direction. You must learn to crawl before you can walk, after all.  

Want some further guidance on setting up an ABM program to scale your growth and increase your pipeline? Contact us today! 

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