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There is no doubt that good marketing is half art and half science. Our approach is often science that drives us to art. But, admittedly, sometimes we get a little geeky up in here. Like data-driven, geeky, nerdy-nerdersons. So, when we came across this blog post by, we thought it was a good reminder that it’s important to use the science to sell like a human – and not like a B2B robot (not that we do, but we have to remind ourselves not to sometimes).


Here are three solid tips to keep in mind to help your company humanize their marketing approach and our thoughts on them.


  1. Have some personality. When you are creating content, or trying to sell to a customer, position the information in a way that makes it relatable. Put yourself in their shoes and consider factors that have convinced you to look into a product or service further, or even buy. Ultimately, customers are more likely to be interested in whatever you’re selling if you can build a relationship and work with them. And for any business, this begins with the marketing team – make sure your strategic approach is in line with your audience, and in the position in the sales process they will most likely engage with (this is where the science comes in)…


  1. Build the trust. When a customer receives a content email, are they likely to purchase it instantaneously? Probably not – if anything, they’ll want to learn more information.. Getting to the final sale, though, begins with marketers. A marketer’s job is to piece together content that will gently guide customers to a salesperson. From there, the only thing left is to close the deal. Earning your customer’s trust is a collaborative process between both marketing and sales teams with the hopes of 1.) enticing them to purchase your product or service and 2.) building a long-lasting relationship with them. Neither can be achieved without trust.


  1. Uncover customer interests, needs, and wants. When it comes to marketing and sales, it is critical to know who your customer is. What are their interests? What do they need and haven’t been able to find yet? What are their wants? Much of this research takes place behind the scenes at digital marketers’ fingertips. However, it is important that both marketing and sales teams know who their target audience is. With that knowledge, businesses are better equipped to recognize customer interest and exploit it to turn it into a sale.


Figuring out the nitty gritty details of your target audience can be a difficult, complicated, and time consuming process. Although, at RenderTribe, we believe it is necessary to generate B2B leads and sales. To find out more about our process – which includes both science and art – and the awesome – kind of nerdy, but super cool – team behind it, click here.

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