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How to Better Connect With Your B2B Leads


Great communication begins with connection – Oprah Winfrey

We’ve all heard the saying “seek first to understand before being understood.” This is always the best way to connect with prospects and leads in the B2B world.

With all the noise out there, really connecting with these B2B leads and prospects is harder than it sounds. We recapped in our recent blog: 5 ways to determine if ABM is right for your company how difficult it is today. 

If the marketer’s job is to form a perfect relationship, then the goal is to show your leads the love by meeting their unique needs. Today, every brand in the marketplace is creating content, and creating so much noise that your leads have most likely already read whatever topic you come up with. According to Neil Patel, 94% of B2B marketers are creating content, but only 9% of them believe they are effective at it. This leaves a wide gap of content that is wasted.

As buyers become more and more inundated and bored with the content being published, it is as crucial as ever to stand out. Your leads are tired of seeing the general topics that relate to a broad audience. You may notice your email marketing conversion metrics dropping off as well as your social channels, paid and organic. You are having less conversions with the same effort and strategy. 

It’s time to start meeting the expectations of your B2B leads as their wants and needs shift. 

So how do you do this?

  • By connecting with your leads in a more meaningful way. 
  • By focusing on specific people and their roles, where they are in the buying process, what they care about, and how you can impact their business. 
  • By thinking about each company individually and seeking to understand their unique needs.

Just like we as individuals have varying interests and priorities, each potential customer needs something a little bit different which is why your broad messaging is not getting through. This is where account based marketing (ABM) comes in. With ABM, Relevancy = Engagement = Increased Outcome.

ABM is a very effective way of marketing and follows a few simple guidelines: 

  • Define a segment of leads within your target accounts that all have a similar issue, problem or value proposition.
  • Develop highly targeted messaging that makes it seem as though you are only speaking to them. By being relevant with content and messaging, it lets them know they are being listened to – that their challenges matter. 
  • Deliver key messages to these audiences in the best way to fit your budget and their interest. This can include a combination of email, social media, print, video – however your audience consumes information. 

Does it work?

87% of B2B marketers surveyed by ITSMA reported that their ABM initiatives outperform their other marketing investments in terms of ROI. 

91% of companies using ABM increase their average deal size, with 25% reporting an increase of +50% (SiriusDecisions).

85% of marketers said that ABM significantly benefited them in retaining and expanding their existing client relationships (strategicabm).

Remember, Relevancy = Engagement = Increased Outcome

The right ABM strategy can help you better understand and improve communications with your B2B leads and make those meaningful connections to close the deal. 

At RenderTribe, we can help you optimize your messaging, select the right tools, and utilize targeted marketing to reach your customers and hit your revenue goals. 

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