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With a number of advertisements, commercials, and information being thrown at us these days, our brains are pretty much on sensory overload 24/7. Whether it is while watching television, scrolling through Instagram, perusing Facebook posts, or reviewing emails, the stream of marketed material seems endless. It’s a new era – a highly digitalized one – like we’ve never seen before. The result? We, as consumers, are slammed with so much content, as says, we must make the decision (multiple times a day) what we want to spend our time looking at. Even then, sometimes that’s still not good enough. Therefore, marketers have had to rethink their strategies.

You see, the problem that marketers are faced with now isn’t that our attention spans are shorter (some may beg to differ). Instead, it is that our brains are so saturated with other information that we only pay attention to what we truly care about…and the rest of it just goes in one ear and out the other. The brands we care about are the brands we trust. So, the million-dollar question, then, is how do you get your audience to trust you?


Be YOU – Let Your Interest Shine Through

We’ve talked about this a little bit before, but it, of course, starts with your content, and more specifically, you. If you don’t have a personality and interesting content, you’ve already lost the battle. Next time you can publish the findings of the newest scientific report, don’t. However, if you find a way to jazz it up a bit and make it worth reading, you may have something to work with. For example, you could take the findings and put your own witty, sarcastic twist on them and poke fun at the study (in an appropriate way) in a curated piece. Just a thought, but remember you know your business and brand best – do something that will work for both while keeping a piece of yourself in there.


Online & Offline Presence

Now that you have something interesting to share for a campaign, the next step is to make sure you have all your bases covered on both fronts – online and offline. The idea is to keep your prospect engaged with your brand, but not to the point where it is annoying: just enough to keep you top of mind across various platforms.


What’s the Magic Number?

If we knew the answer to that, we wouldn’t be here writing this article…we’d be off on an island relaxing after picking the winning lottery numbers. But we aren’t, so our best answer is, you must analyze your data to see what is working and what isn’t. In other words, “Let the data lead you.”


The First Purchase is the Hardest

Let’s say you want to get out of the office for a bit and head out to go buy some lunch. So, you’re walking down Main Street and see various signs such as “Best Pizza in the World” and “Best Tacos in (insert your state here),” you’re debating where you want to go. Of course, you want to go somewhere where you’ll get your money’s worth – you don’t spend all those hours in the office for nothing. After going back and forth for a while, you decide on pizza. You head up to the counter, grab a slice of margherita pizza, and as you take your first bite you think, “Wow this really is the best pizza in the world.” Sold. You’re a lifetime customer now. Getting there took some thinking, but the same applies to any industry, be it food, clothing, services, or even software.

Today, taking that leap to try out a brand’s product or service is a bit more of a process than it used to be. The reason? People want to make sure they’re getting the value out of their dollar. However, once they make that first purchase, your brand can then strengthen the bond of trust and more importantly, keep them interested. Enter content marketing.

If your customers love your product or service, that’s good. But, if your customers love your product and service, and you regularly share helpful information that isn’t too sales-y and is purely for their own benefit and knowledge, even better. You’ve got yourself a chance at a lifetime customer.

Hopefully, you’ve liked what you’ve read and want to learn more about us. If you have any questions about RenderTribe and what we do, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

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