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Clean Up Old Posts and Pages with LinkPatrol

By July 18, 2014August 30th, 2021No Comments

Link PatrolConcerned that links in older articles on your blog are becoming outdated? Don’t let Google punish your website for outbound links that no longer link to a live “real” page; these links could be negatively impacting your site ranking. We recommend checking out Search Engine Journal’s first plugin, LinkPatrol for WordPress (WP), that will help you find, fix and clean up links on your pages and posts. In other words, keep your Google site ranking in stellar shape.

LinkPatrol lets WP users easily track outdated outbound links in posts and pages with three easy steps: Scan, Review and Take Action. SEJ built this plugin to fix problems they couldn’t (or rather, would take them too long to) find on their old pages and posts. After discovering there wasn’t a solution currently on the market, LinkPatrol’s created the plugin to “help site owners find, review and clean up outgoing links in posts ​and ​pages.”1 Top features include the ability to:

  • Analyze a website’s linking out profile
  • Enable users to easily sort and search by keyword, domain and author
  • Enable users to easily no-follow or strip links from the WP dashboard on an individual or domain basis
  • All outbound links and their domains
  • All anchor text used
  • All the keywords and domain linked to, by author
  • The ability to search throughout all of the above

As with any introduction of new software, LinkPatrol doesn’t do everything you’d probably like it to; it doesn’t provide a qualitative assessment of outbound links, nor does it identify redirects or broken links (we recommend Deep Crawl or Xenu Link Sleuth for this). We will update this post to reflect any upgrades or tweaks that relate to the ability to assess the quality of outbound and broken links.

Don’t wait! LinkPatrol is available until July 22nd for only $25/year, when it will then increase to $50. Find out additional details on this must have new WP plugin.

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