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When it comes to growth-stage B2B marketing, your CRM is one of the most valuable tools. Often thought of as sales’s domain, a CRM has insight into current opportunities and, when appropriately used, holds a treasure trove of insights into your ideal customer journey and revenue-generating activities.

Whether you’re just starting on your GTM journey or searching for a way to enhance growth, aligning your marketing team to your CRM is the perfect place to start.

Here are the top five ways marketers can use their CRM to align strategy to revenue in 2024.


1. Validate your ideal customer profile.

Your ideal customer profile (ICP) is the description of the company that is the best fit for your product or service. Validating your ICP is crucial for growth-stage companies that need to scale. It creates efficiency and helps align your team’s efforts (across all business units) against a segment of target accounts that are most likely to buy from you. Often, a list of firmographic and technographic attributes creates a framework that both sales and marketing can use to drive qualified opportunities.

Your existing CRM holds insight into a lot of these attributes. Whether it’s pulling from industry, size, annual revenue, or a piece of technology they have implemented – your sales team has likely created some record of who they sell to. This is a great place to start when identifying growth opportunities. Have you tapped into all the accounts that fit your ICP? Are there any other segments included in this ICP that we still need to tap into?

If you can pull this data from your CRM, you can create a working list of Target Accounts for GTM teams to target rather than trying to reach your entire TAM.

ideal customer profile framework 2. And while you’re at it – validate your target personas. 

Like your ICP, your CRM likely holds data on which individuals at your current customer level are most involved in the buying process, including who the user, economic, and champion buyers are.

These individuals can then be segmented by job title and seniority to create a list of usual suspects to target.



3. Follow the customer journey. 

B2B buyers increasingly use various digital and offline sources to research and validate any SaaS purchases. While there are many tools we can use to capture some of these digital actions, there are limitations to what technology can do – that’s where we want to pull from conversational data and insight from the sellers.

A good salesperson knows what questions to ask a prospective buyer when they speak to them. When this data is documented in a CRM, it can help paint a picture of the activities and mindset of the buyer and how they came to get on that call. Those insights should be aligned with the customer journey and messaging to accelerate the next qualified account that comes into the pipeline.


4. Develop a better understanding of your pipeline. 

We often say that your CRM is the source of truth because it is where your team looks to find what’s driving revenue. As a marketer, you’re often one step removed from the pipeline, especially if you’re used to working in a lead gen strategy where there’s a handoff to sales.

If you’re running a demand gen or account-based marketing program, you must move beyond the marketing-to-sales handoff and tie your efforts to revenue, AKA your pipeline. After leads are entered into your CRM and converted into opportunities, marketing and sales teams can adjust their strategies accordingly and decide where more resources need to be dedicated to increase the bottom line.


5. Align with sales.

If you haven’t heard, organizations that align sales and marketing teams are more likely to hit their net new targets. But, this alignment continues to be one of the hardest things for GTM teams to overcome.

By bringing the marketing team into the CRM, you also align them with the world that your sellers live in. It gives insight to the marketing team on what the sales team is being measured on and helps marketers communicate to sellers what they need to make campaigns more successful and why.

B2B Sales Marketing Alignment Stat

Make Your CRM a Revenue Driver

Whether you’re in sales or marketing, one of your top growth initiatives should be to make your CRM work harder for you. Whether you need to better understand what activities drive the most revenue, what your ICP looks like or what pain points your customers are experiencing – your CRM can be your best friend.

That’s why making CRM health a priority will ensure that you’re setting yourselves up for success in the long run.


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