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3 Helpful Tips for a Better Blog Post

By September 12, 2012September 7th, 2021No Comments

Creating an interesting, consumable blog post isn’t necessarily easy – but it doesn’t have to be hard. There’s an abundance of information out there about how to make your blog better. In fact, a Google query returns more than 300 million hits. But rather than sift through all that information, why not just start with these three helpful tips?

Make It Snappy: A blog is not an essay. In fact, it’s not really even a complete article. It’s really a quick blurb that’s usually centered around one, maybe two, ideas. Remember that people are busier than ever before – they want to consume concepts that are short and straightforward. So give them what they want and stick to 350 words or less.   

Make It Relatable: When readers are out there scanning for a blog to become a faithful follower to, they’re looking for something that relates to some aspect of their life – personal, professional, or somewhere in between. Surveys show that they’re also looking for a writer who talks about firsthand, real life experiences in a meaningful way. After all, we all love to hear about the nitty gritty details of everyone else’s lives, don’t we? Give your readers glances at your human side and you’re a lot more likely to win their affection.

Make It Entertaining: While useful, it’s certainly not enough to stop at “relatable.” Your blogs have also got to be entertaining. Even the most professional of topics should be interjected with a bit of humor in order to keep the reader engaged. Similarly, linking a run-of-the-mill topic to something that’s currently trending is another great way to snag people’s attention. Think about it from your own perspective: Would you tune in to read 350 words of dry, dull content everyday? No way!

By following these three simple bits of advice, we’ll all be well on our way to developing blog content that is more enjoyable, more desirable for our audiences. Before we know it, our visitor tickers will stop simply creeping up and begin rotating seamlessly.


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