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10 Reasons Why Marketers Should Care About Salesforce

When it comes to marketing, Salesforce is one of the most valuable tools you can use to manage your company’s interactions with customers, both current and future, which is pretty important in this day and age. So, we highlighted the ten reasons why marketers should be concerned with Salesforce and how important it is to make it part of their marketing strategy today if they have not already.


  1. You can connect with customers across any channel. From connecting via email, mobile, social media, and more, Salesforce offers tracking and reporting capabilities, as well as being able to support customer needs and wants. This is especially important today in the fast paced, always changing world of technology.


  1. Streamline your content. Even better, use the data that you collect on Salesforce to create more dynamic, personalized messages for your audience.


  1. Follow the customer journey. Interacting with customers one-on-one, and adapting your methods based on their behaviors has never been easier – you can even update customer profiles with information regarding their buying habits, engagement, previous purchases, and more.


  1. Get accurate campaign measurements. We know reaching company goals is important. Luckily, Salesforce can help better track the results of your content and campaigns and get you the numbers that are important.


  1. Includes built-in applications. A number of apps are available through Salesforce that enables marketers to manage customer relationships more closely. If all Salesforce users are updating records regularly, marketing teams will be able to make better sense of the customer’s purchase process and manage customer relationships.


  1. Develop a better understanding of your pipeline. After leads are entered into Salesforce and converted into opportunities, marketing and sales teams can both adjust their strategies accordingly and decide where more resources need to be dedicated in order to increase the bottom line.


  1. Control your data. Salesforce offers numerous tools that can help improve the organization and accuracy of your data. AppExchange, Salesforce’s application store, has a number of apps that can enrich your usage of Salesforce through cleaning, controlling, enhancing, and monitoring your data.


  1. All your data, all in one place. Since all information is put into the Salesforce dashboard, there is no need for outside documents and spreadsheets. This makes consolidating information easier and allows access to various parties at the same time.


  1. Results are in real time. Due to the real-time reports and dashboard data that is generated in the moment, adjustments can be made to marketing strategies – both short and long term – in order to reach business goals.


  1. Let the data lead you. This may be a RenderTribe philosophy, but it can be applied to Salesforce as well. Since everything is right at your fingertips, you have plenty of support for your actions. Make choices backed by data and knowledge, and that will lead you to success.


So, if we haven’t convinced you of the benefits of using Salesforce to manage your CRM just yet, we recommend doing a bit more of your own research and coming to your own conclusion – that’s what matters in the end, right?

 If you have any questions about RenderTribe and what we do, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.


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