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The most important step an organization can take when executing a digital marketing plan is to have a strategy.  Many companies today get lost in the world of online...

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RenderTribe Team

The hard work of our amazing team can be seen in the awesome services and strategies we help you with!

Peter Dean

Peter Dean


  • Entreprenuer 100%
  • Avid Speaker 100%
  • Familyman & Ironman 100%
Lauren Rose

Lauren Rose

VP of Marketing

  • Creative Ideation 100%
  • Research Junkie 100%
  • Dark Coffee Lover 100%
Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas

Project Manager

  • Taskmaster 100%
  • Project Architect 100%
  • DIY Goddess 100%
Melissa Steciuk

Melissa Steciuk

Senior Marketing Analyst

  • Inbound Strategy 100%
  • Content Outreach 100%
  • Perennial Athlete 100%
Brian Linger

Brian Linger

Marketing Analyst

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 100%
  • Conversion Optimization 100%
  • Golfing & Snowboarding 100%
Julia Clew

Julia Clew

Data Analyst

  • Data Modeling 100%
  • Marketing Visibility 100%
  • Jewelry Designer 100%